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Communications in a Crisis: PR and Content Packs

A range of PR and Content packs have been created by The Henley Group to help businesses in need of short-term, fast-turnaround support.

While they are no replacement for a sustained campaign, they have been designed to support businesses with vital communications resources in the current coronavirus crisis.

Each has been carefully created to deliver maximum impact for organisations that need immediate and affordable support.

Read our free download for the full range.

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Essential communications in a time of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption unparalleled in modern times. As the daily press briefings held by the UK Government and others show, communication has never been so important.

There is an immediate thirst for information which must be met. Companies must attach the same importance to communications that global leaders are deploying daily, and ‘ramp up’ their own communication activity.

Above all, business relies on communications for selling or influencing decisions, and there is little substitute for face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers. As self-isolation makes this impossible, other techniques must be used.

In short, pulling back on communication at this crucial time is not an option. Now is the time to reinforce, reassure and rebuild.

This special edition of Passnotes, the Henley Group’s regular guide to best practice in PR and marketing, provides a checklist of the communications activity that your company must urgently implement, if you are not doing so already.

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Content with your events? A practical guide to using content marketing to enhance your event

Hosting your own event for a business audience can be daunting and involves attracting great exhibitors and speakers, sourcing the ideal venue and managing catering and logistics – and that’s before you start tackling the attendee list.

Given the significant management time and investment that goes into an event, organisations are beginning to recognise the importance of a targeted pre- and post-event content strategy in boosting their brand’s exposure and driving interest around an event.

Our practical guide about using content intelligently to enhance your B2B event includes expert tips on pre- and post-event content, and how to best promote your event on the big day itself.

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The Devil is in the Data: What GDPR means for marketing and communications

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires marketing and public relations specialists will now be required by law to build privacy options into their digital communications and services; be they websites, newsletters or press releases. Those to whom these communications and services are addressed will have to give their explicit consent that they’re happy to receive them, and businesses will be required to conduct regular privacy impact assessments of their activities.

To make it easier to get to grips with the changes GDPR will bring, this Passnotes provides an overview of GDPR and what it means for PR professionals and marketers. It also includes examples of how GDPR might impact on marketing and PR activity. However, as organisations capture and use data in very different ways, readers are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal and or professional advice where necessary to ensure full compliance with GDPR. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is also a useful source of information.

Read more by clicking on the link – The Henley Group GDPR Passnotes

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Talking Loud and Clear: Why corporate communications remains essential in today’s connected world

For many years, successful organisations have recognised the need for coherent and coordinated communications with audiences such as customers, prospects, investors, employees or regulatory bodies.

They have therefore undertaken corporate communications activity to build awareness of their products and services, enhance their reputation in the marketplace and reinforce credibility. It has helped them manage contentious issues, influence debates and handle crises when they emerge.

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Social Media Toolkit

These days, it isn’t enough to have a website for your business – social media offers the opportunity to push out promotional messages to a larger and targeted community.

There is no better time than now to get social. Let us help you incorporate social media into your bigger marketing strategy.

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Purchasing Power: How to choose the best PR agency for your needs

In a break from typical subjects addressed by our Passnotes, this edition provides practical guidance for those organisations that seek to undertake PR activity, but are uncertain of how to go about it.

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All Together Now: Rebranding after a merger or acquisition

Don’t let your customers be lost in the transition between the old and new brands.  We can help build a phased PR, Marketing and integration roadmap that outlines your acquisition PR and marketing strategy.  

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Why Blog?: Finding your voice, sharing your vision, amplifying your message

Why a business blog can be a flexible yet powerful marketing tool for any company.

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Marketing Contentment: Getting the best from content marketing

In recent years, content marketing has become all the rage. The internet is awash with tips on getting the most from content marketing, and advice on integrating it with SEO activity, tying it to inbound marketing, or using it as a lead generation tool are only a search term away. Given the buzz around the subject, it would seem that content marketing is very “now”. In fact, it’s been around for years.

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Social Media for B2B Business: There is no better time to ‘get’ social

Given that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram are here to stay, is now the time you embrace social media?

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Unlock The Code For Online Success: Bringing SEO to the forefront

PR is changing. PR is increasingly integrating with content, social media, brand and SEO.

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A Measure of Success: How to measure PR activity

What’s the best way of measuring PR activity?

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The Evolution of the Press Release: Staying relevant in a digital age

Social and digital media play an increasingly important role in PR and, being the new kids on the block, they attract much attention. Business to business organisations are following the lead of consumer brands and rushing to put social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to marketing use.

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The Case History: Illustrating expertise and establishing credibility

While it is widely agreed that the case history makes a powerful sales and promotional tool, there is widespread confusion about its function and format – even amongst seasoned PR and marketing professionals.

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Technical PR & Marketing – With A Difference

An overview of the Henley Group – and why we are different.

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Industrial / Technical PR from The Henley Group

Organisations in industrial sectors should get more value from their PR.

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