About us

Why the Henley Group?

1. Our industry experience is broad; but the service we provide is highly specialist and is always customised to support your specific marketing objectives.
2. We are adept at extracting the business benefits from the most technical of products and solutions; making them tangible and easily understood by your target audiences.
3. Our expert writers combine technical knowledge with a seasoned understanding of what makes a good story, and what needs to be done to make it work in print and digital spaces.
4. Experienced, senior executives are always dedicated to an account and most have been with the company for many years – ensuring a consistency in approach and allowing us to provide a truly personal service.
5. We have genuinely strong contacts with the trade, business and national media and we leverage these to generate a high volume of sustained press coverage for our clients.
6. We understand what makes B2B organisations tick – so we know how to unearth case studies from installers, distributors and end users, and we work with your sales, service and technical people to ensure PR delivers results.
7. A number of tools are employed to monitor, measure and value campaign activity – including a work in progress dashboard and an activity schedule that details all planned tasks, and integrates with your marketing plan.
8. We merchandise all campaign content and put it to uses beyond its initial purpose – so PR materials are re-purposed to form the basis of white papers, newsletters, direct marketing, and content for social media.
9. We work to an annual campaign schedule, the completion of which carries a monthly management fee – fixed at a single, agreed rate. Regardless of the time spent on the account.
10. For start-ups, smaller businesses and for organisations with shorter-term objectives, our services can be provided on a project basis.