Kidde Products

Launching a new product to target audiences

We were asked by Kidde to launch its Argonite® C60 fire suppression system to customers from the UK, Europe and the Middle East. The product offered distinct advantages over existing technology and featured a unique valve that made systems more effective and easier to install.

Given the complexity of the product and the dispersed nature of the customer base, we suggested that customers should be invited to an event and hear about the system, see it for themselves, and be free to ask questions of Kidde’s technical people.

Our events experience helped us to source a unique venue for the launch in the form of the Director’s Suite at the Science Museum, conveniently situated for UK customers and those visiting from outside the UK. A detailed presentation featuring CGI demonstrations of the product in action was followed by an exclusive on-site dinner that gave Kidde’s sales personnel valuable time with key customers.

We handled the invitation process, researched and secured the venue, rehearsed the presenters and managed the entire event, ensuring the client was free to concentrate on spending time with its key customers.  We then promoted the product through PR activity after the event and achieved excellent coverage.