The Role of SEO in PR – The Basics


Our next three blogs will address the growing importance of SEO strategy to press and public relations. In this first blog, we take a look at the basics.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a proven, cost-effective way to help organisations raise their visibility and generate leads for new business through valuable online activity.

By pairing SEO and PR, we help clients build links; drive traffic; optimise social shares; and gear up search engine visibility.  Increasingly, we see a merger of public relations and marketing communications with proven social media techniques and many of our clients have successfully incorporated SEO into their PR campaigns.

Each PR campaign is catered to incorporate SEO with the main objective of improving search rankings; lead generation; brand awareness; and sales conversions.

The Evolution of SEO

‘Old’ SEO


New’ SEO

Where SEO and PR meet

What does this mean day to day? Well, we assist clients in delivering topical, searchable content that is useful and helpful for each of our client’s communities.  New visitors to a site crave a ‘knowledge takeaway’ – a bite-sized nugget which can be used within their sector, specialism, or interest.  This will prove to visitors that a site provides a reliable source of topical and enlightening information, leading to the creation of sustainable communities – and allowing these communities to merge into other new environments through social sharing.


So-called engagement platforms are becoming more and more sought after and we encourage clients to develop blogs using a sole spokesperson or a team of people that can address diverse issues.  On this basis, blogs become a useful way of engaging an audience with a two-way conversation.  Here are some benefits of running a company blog:

  1. Bringing new and existing customers to your website. Blogs attract new visitors from search engines, so keep your ear to the ground on any news relating to your sector that you could ‘jump on’. Include user-friendly links pointing back to the main website.
  2. Blog content can help keep a website fresh.  We suggest regular posts in order to fulfill the reader’s need for topical and up-to-the minute content.
  3. Brand yourself as an expert.  A blog helps position a company as an expert on a range of issues.  Having too much product information on your websites may be tiring for visitors, but creating a blog can maintain interest.
  4. Answer customer questions.  By opening up a virtual forum for customers, organisations can answer questions and show that they are happy to engage with online communities.

Getting the Most out of a Press Release

Press releases that are optimised to include multimedia assets and links to social channels are also effective for SEO.  We identify popular keywords and inject them into press releases for clients, whilst remaining sensitive to the story being told. Videos, podcasts, case studies and whitepapers are also used to provide a powerful boost to the traditional press release.


Further Reading – The HGI SEO white paper is now available.  Please click here to download the PDF version.