For the record…


Our latest edition of Passnotes considers whether the press release remains useful to marketers in today’s online world.

In considering the topic, we went back to basics to consider what makes a good press release.  The findings are not surprising, but it’s useful to address them again – if only because so many of the press releases that land on a journalist’s desk fall foul of the recommendations noted here…

  1. Consider very closely whether your announcement really is news
  2. Focus on the Who, What, When, Where – but most importantly, Why?
  3. Consider that many journalists still edit from the top down
  4. Adopt the correct tone, avoiding ‘sales speak’ or marketing terms
  5. Banish jargon, buzzwords or impenetrable technology from the text
  6. Use correct grammar and punctuation and adopt the third person
  7. Keep the release short – around 500 words.  It’s not a feature article
  8. Provide attributable and interesting quotes
  9. Accompany the release with visually arresting pictures
  10. Include a detailed boilerplate with contact information and background

Readers of our latest Passnotes will see we have added to this list by offering tips that help make the press release more relevant, useful and versatile in today’s news environment.  It can be downloaded here.