Monthly round-up: B2B PR & content news


Welcome to our monthly round up of the top stories in PR and content marketing that our teams have been paying attention to:


Coronavirus and corporate communications

With cases of coronavirus increasing in locations across the globe, how are major firms using corporate communications to respond to customer, employee and stakeholder fears?

LinkedIn launches a new ‘featured’ section in profiles

Highlight your top content – from LinkedIn, and beyond. A great addition for thought leaders, subject matter experts and networkers. This hasn’t fully rolled out yet, but expect to see it on your profile soon.

Content marketing has ‘to be its own thing’

An interesting explainer about the role and relevance of content marketing in an organisation’s marketing and communications strategy; approaching your owned content as a publication in its own right.


Spotlight on success – clients in the news this month:


Alistair Enser of Reliance High-Tech explains why the convergence of security and other building technologies offers considerable commercial, operational and environmental benefits.

Bill Hobbs, vice president at 3xLOGIC, explains how analytics-based BI tools are helping organisations improve their operations.

Wilson James features in this month’s edition of IN Security, announcing the launch of its new risk and threat management division.


Industry headlines this month:



The UK’s cybersecurity sector is now worth more than £8bn, Computer Weekly reports. The number of active security firms has shot up by 44% (to 1,200) in just three very busy years, contributing £3.7bn to the UK economy.



Campaign magazine flags the increasing mistrust in tech, and discusses how it can be addressed. (If responsible technology is an interest, then take a look at Tech for Life’s news, views and opinions, and watch this space for details of the upcoming book.)



When it comes to the Future of Work, Forbes says, ‘we can’t all become coders’. So what options are there for an evolving workforce? And how can recruitment firms prepare both their clients AND their candidates for the workplace of tomorrow?



Brook Masters argues in the Financial Times that ‘Medicine is at the point computer-driven financial trading was in the early 2000s’, raising a number of questions about the role of AI in medicine. While computer trading mistakes can be costly, for example, they can at least be reversed. How do you unwind a ‘position’ when a computer makes the wrong call on healthcare?


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