Plus ça change…


Marketing Week has published a range of essays on the subject of the changing role of PR and communications. They really are worth a read.

The always excellent Michael Barnett provides an introduction and while he makes many valid points, is the realisation that “PR is no longer simply about securing media coverage” really such a ‘revelation’?

Experiences here at Henley suggest that most organisations even 20 years ago understood that effective PR campaigns combine creative thinking and strategic insight. Most saw ‘the bigger picture’, even back then.

And to another point made in the piece, every campaign the Henley Group has ever planned, worked on, or measured, has put the target audience front and centre – before considering the messages that would resonate best.

Does PR face new challenges? Absolutely. Are these complicated by the adoption of new communications channels? Yes, indeed. Have the habits and preferences of campaign audiences changed, and will they continue to change ? Yes, and yes again.

The fundamental need for PRs to understand and engage with an audience, develop creative yet hardworking campaigns, and provide measurement of their success is well established, and remains crucial despite these new challenges.