10 Tips For A Top Press Release


At the risk of revisiting what is a well-trodden path, it might be useful to consider what exactly makes a good press release. The following tips are the result of many years of experience, and a seasoned understanding of what the media looks for in the releases it is sent.

1. Consider closely whether the announcement really is news; if it is timely, and if it is of interest

2. Focus on the Who, What, When, Where of the story – but most importantly, Why?

3. Consider that many journalists edit a release from the bottom up, so put the crux of the story first

4. Adopt the correct tone, avoiding ‘ sales speak’ or marketing terms – it’s not a brochure

5. Banish jargon, buzzwords, acronyms and highly technical terms from the text entirely

6. Use correct grammar and punctuation and adopt and maintain the third person throughout

7. Keep the release short and to the point – use 500 words at most. It’s not a feature article

8. Provide interesting quotes that add something to the story. Consider that one is usually enough

9. Ensure the press release is supported by striking images with suitable captions 10. Include a boilerplate and list contact information, background details and any editors’ notes

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