Video Killed The PowerPoint Star


With a New Year approaching, it seems that video might well be the glue that holds the content marketing strategy together. Video is highly sharable, mobile, and one of the easiest ways to provide information to your audience in an easy, accessible way.

By 2017 YouTube predicts that 90% of Internet traffic will be video.   An impossible feat you might say; but consider that YouTube currently generates over one trillion views per year.

Here are some key stats that demonstrate the power of video today to content marketers:

  • Nearly 1 in 5 people are watching daily video content to help with their profession
  • 7 out of 10 people have a positive opinion of a brand after viewing video content
  • 67.3% of companies now use video in their content strategy
  • 78% of organisations plan to use more video content in the next few years

Source: Axonn Research 2014

If you are looking to incorporate video into your content, then here are some things to consider

1. Diversity

Videos don’t need to just be about a face-to-camera. Use images, graphs, and add text to break up the subject sections. Ensure that the content is unique, compelling and informative.

2. Keep It Short

According to YouTube, audience engagement drops after the first 15 seconds of a video, so unless it is a ‘how-to’ video you really need to watch the clock when it comes to running time. Possibly introduce different speakers to open a new dimension to the audience?

3. The Rules Of Engagement

Remember to focus on a clear call-to-action, enabling you to get a good ROI. Don’t make the content too ‘salesy’ and keep a ‘knowledge takeaway’ at the forefront of the script.

4. Uploading

In the UK the key video hosting platforms are YouTube and Vimeo. 60% of video uploads don’t make the most of the description facility. Descriptions are meant to give an overview of what your video is all about so viewers and YouTube’s discovery systems can make sense of the content. Add links to your website and ensure that you have adequate contact details on there.

5. Be Consistent

Keep the videos consistent with the overall marketing strategy and brand focus. Maintain the same visual look and feel throughout for consistency, and don’t think that your videos all need to be graphically lead. Some of the most viewed videos are shot using a simple premise.

Finally, use free video editing tools available like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, and Blender to add in branding, product images, and even music. Don’t be afraid to provide your audience with a wide range of videos and build up a library, it’ll keep them engaged in your brand for longer.