Corporate Communications

We help organisations establish industry leadership, build brand equity, and influence debates. We help them defend their reputations, manage issues and handle crises. And we build the profiles of their senior executives.

In short, we implement communications programmes that help organisations target internal and external audiences more effectively.

The first step in any corporate communication activity is getting the messaging right. Helping clients to identify and articulate a corporate ‘voice’ and developing messages that accurately reflect their identity, reinforce their proposition and demonstrate their aspirations. We then help clients establish positions on the issues that affect their business, and use these to influence the debates that they need to engage in.

We closely monitor for opportunities for our clients to demonstrate leadership or influence a target audience, and we seize upon any that are relevant.  These might include letters to editors, comments on blogs, the submission of entries for award schemes, or securing speaking platforms for executives.  Separately, we help organisations develop, implement and then promote CSR and environmental initiatives that support their business aims.

Clients benefit from our extensive crisis management experience, gained by helping organisations in the UK and further afield manage industrial accidents, labour issues and events that pose a serious risk to their reputations. We help clients identify the specific risks that apply to their businesses and prepare strategies to deal with a range of situations. And we provide consultancy on a 24/7 basis, to help clients manage the media and other stakeholders in the event of a crisis developing.

Finally, there is a common misconception that corporate communications is for large organisations only. While many of the examples provided below involve global brands, experience shows that smaller businesses can reap considerable benefits from undertaking strategic communications activity – especially if their PR efforts have historically centred on product promotion with the trade media alone.

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