Digital Communications

Social media is increasingly important to businesses. Yet many early adopters of social media were well-known consumer brands, who found that customers were already talking about their brands on Facebook and Twitter.

Most B2B organisations today are in a different position. They know who their customers are, and they maintain strong relationships with them through traditional marketing channels. But we find that these same businesses are often not using social media – or, if they are, they are not putting it to best effect.

We help businesses communicate better with their target audiences by helping them to select, establish and use social media tools to engage deeply and profitably with entirely new audiences – so raising brand awareness, establishing credibility and demonstrating leadership.

The Henley Group calls this Digital Communications. It’s about putting social media to work for business.

Despite the immediacy of the social channels now available, a digital communications campaign requires considerable time and effort to get right. It usually takes far more time than an organisation bargains for. If it’s to be done properly, tweeting can’t be squeezed into an hour last thing on a Monday, nor passed down to juniors, assistants – or anyone known to use Facebook at home.

We are uniquely placed to undertake digital communications as our background guarantees a realistic, measured approach to social media. We are agnostic about the technology and only recommend the channels that experience has shown lend themselves for B2B use. And our expert writers combine technical knowledge with an understanding that what works on paper won’t necessarily work online.

Take a look at the case studies for examples of our digital communications capabilities – and click here for our Guide to Social Media.

View our case studies for examples of digital communications in action.