Essential communications in a time of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption unparalleled in modern times. As the daily press briefings held by the UK Government and others show, communication has never been so important.

There is an immediate thirst for information which must be met. Companies must attach the same importance to communications that global leaders are deploying daily, and ‘ramp up’ their own communication activity.

Above all, business relies on communications for selling or influencing decisions, and there is little substitute for face-to-face meetings with key decision-makers. As self-isolation makes this impossible, other techniques must be used.

In short, pulling back on communication at this crucial time is not an option. Now is the time to reinforce, reassure and rebuild.

This special edition of Passnotes, the Henley Group’s regular guide to best practice in PR and marketing, provides a checklist of the communications activity that your company must urgently implement, if you are not doing so already.