LinkedIn for B2B marketers

How to boost your brand, increase followers and land more sales.

An estimated 60 million B2B decision-makers across 30 million companies engage with LinkedIn regularly — and 71% of them use LinkedIn to inform their business decisions. A strong LinkedIn presence is now business-critical for B2B brands.

To get started on your LinkedIn marketing, we recommend focusing on three main areas:

  1. Profiles and company pages

Every employee should have a baseline level of detail in their LinkedIn profile (information about their role, company, and regular sharing of company news). This ensures that prospects searching for your company through LinkedIn will find a range of information about your organisation, no matter whose profile they come across.

To take it to the next level, your CEO, senior stakeholders, and sales reps can stand out as thought leaders on the platform. This is achieved through sharing unique viewpoints and advice, via short LinkedIn posts or commenting and sharing industry news. It’s worth honing in on three things that your leaders really want to be known for. Their posts and comments should always link back to those three topics.

Regularly responding to comments and engaging with audiences is also core to growing a committed following. As your leaders share and comment, the more the platform will boost their profile and show it to more people who’ll find it relevant. This, in turn, will improve brand awareness among your target audience.

For your company page, you’ll want to ensure it’s optimised to LinkedIn’s search algorithm. Including keywords in your ‘summary’ and ‘about us’ sections will make your page more discoverable. Your ‘about us’ section should also include your company’s purpose, products, and what makes it better than competitors. Think of it as an elevator pitch.


  1. Effective thought leadership

Thought leadership will make your brand really stand out on LinkedIn and beyond. A recent Edelman survey found that strong thought leadership content will strengthen your reputation, increase RFP invitations and wins, and improve cross-selling opportunities.

This content can take many forms, from videos and podcasts to articles or white papers. Discover what resonates with your audience and then regularly post unique content to your company and individual pages.


  1. Have a consistent marketing plan

You don’t necessarily need to post something every day, but having a consistent schedule ensures that your profiles remain interesting and people know when to check your pages for new insights. Over time, this will build your reputation, impact, and following. The easiest way to do this is to ensure that someone in your team ‘owns’ your LinkedIn presence and regularly reports back on its progress.


These three areas form the foundation to all effective LinkedIn marketing — but you can take it even further. Get in touch with our experts today to discover how Henley can improve your company’s LinkedIn marketing through intelligent content, targeted training and social media strategy.







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