Megatrends in 2021

The arrival of a new year has never brought such hope, it seems. As we enter 2021, the deployment of vaccines around the world suggests that the end of the pandemic may be in sight, despite the reintroduction of lockdowns in many countries.

Yet before 2020 is cast aside, it might be wise to consider the significant and perhaps lasting transformations that the year brought about.

Looking closely at these changes has allowed the Henley Group to identify three megatrends that will impact on organisations of all sizes in 2021. 

Businesses must address these megatrends if they are to be competitive, innovative and relevant. 

PR and Marketing professionals, meanwhile, must not only be prepared for these megatrends, but leverage them if they want their brands to stand apart in an increasingly noisy and competitive marketplace.

Download our white paper below to learn how 2021 will impact your organisation’s PR, communications and marketing.