The Challenge

With a huge portfolio of products to meet all types of laboratory filtering needs, Cytiva wanted to make users aware of the importance of selecting the right filter, and the risks of failing to do so.

The Approach

Close consultation with Cytiva’s product experts helped the Henley Group’s content team develop a series of eBooks, blogs and videos around air and liquid filtering workflows. Each supported the crucial role that filters play in ensuring accurate test results and talked to the cost and waste that results from incorrect filter selection. Each eBook was posted to the website, supported with blogs and a few were also augmented by videos designed for sharing on LinkedIn. Each campaign ran for a given period over the course of a year and supported wider lead generation efforts.

The Result

The campaign generated a wealth of engaging content that served a practical purpose in providing a source of reference for users, as well as establishing a context for a disparate product portfolio.  It also reminded lab technicians about the importance of a sometime overlooked part of testing apparatus, the filter.