Tech For Life

Developing clear, considered messaging for a global audience

The Challenge

How do you mobilise a movement? Start with the messaging. When Tech for Life, a movement that champions the responsible creation and use of technology, first established itself, it was imperative that the messaging struck the right chord. Communicating to a diverse global audience required considered, clear messaging. Tech for Life enlisted the Henley Group team to help convey the Tech for Life message.

The Approach

We hosted a messaging workshop with the Tech for Life team, which involved an analysis of the audience demographic, taking into consideration their typical methods of communication and the type of language and tone they would most engage with. Our messaging grid was then populated with the concerns, questions or pain points each audience type might have. From this, we were able to start forming messaging against key topics. Lastly, these topics were graded in importance, so we could clearly identify our priority messaging for each group.

The Result

The resulting messaging formed the basis for all corporate communications for the movement. From press briefings, media communication and speeches, to website content, webinars, blogs and whitepapers. The messaging was a fundamental element in the initial concept for Tech for Life’s book of the same name, and was woven through all communications.