Trend Control Systems

Leveraging LinkedIn as a sales tool – team training

The Challenge

An increased need to communicate, network and build professional relationships digitally presented a challenge to Trend Controls, whose team were largely new to using the platform, LinkedIn, as an active sales tool. Trend required an online training session for its teams across the UK.

The Approach

Our social media and content team produced a bespoke 40-minute online training session for LinkedIn. It provided the teams with practical, step-by-step advice about using the platform to raise their own profile, in their roles at Trend, but also how they could contribute to the company’s own brand awareness by amplifying, sharing and publishing content. We followed up with a LinkedIn toolkit for the teams to use.

The Result

Our sessions were rolled out across Trend’s various regional UK operations, and in total delivered training to nearly 100 sales team members. The training kick-started a series of content programmes for senior sales execs, and aligned with the company’s strategy to engage its sales teams digitally. Crucially, the training demystified the platform for sales team members, and allowed them to enhance their connections and generate high-quality leads by applying the practical guidance delivered in the training session.