Comms in a crisis 

Expert advice for short-term action

The coronavirus pandemic is causing disruption unparalleled in modern times. In response, businesses need to ensure communication is impeccable – not only to provide the information that key audiences demand, but to protect their brand and support sales.

In a new world of social distancing, we can no longer rely on traditional communication methods. Now is the time to do more, and respond quickly.

If you’re unsure how to navigate this unfamiliar territory, then read our four top tips for crisis communication activity, in the short-term.

Our free download, Communications in a Crisis, also explores how to manage PR and marketing activity in the longer term. 


Our top fours tips for short-term crisis communications:

1. Confirm your target audiences:
Ensure your CRM system is up to date and allows you to segment your audiences based on the messages they need to receive. Consider audiences beyond the usual recipients of marketing messages, to include communications relevant to those in finance and admin, for example, as well as key suppliers.

2. Use email updates correctly:
Your organisation will be working hard to minimise disruption to the manufacture, supply and servicing of the products, solutions and services you provide. Ensure customers know this, through regular but clear and concise emails.

3. Treat your website as your central resource:
Clearly, your website is key, but it has to be up to date. Place key communications and updates on the home page and ensure that any other information that customers will need isn’t hidden away.

4. Increase your social media activity:
Leverage the social media profiles of senior executives and customer-facing managers on LinkedIn to share updates. Monitor these channels and respond to those that engage.


If you are a marketing professional faced with planning the communications approach during the coronavirus crisis, then download the special edition of our Passnotes series. It provides a checklist of the communications activity that your company should be implementing to inform efficiently and effectively in a crisis.

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