Demonstrating credibility through engaging case studies

The Challenge

Hanwha Vision wanted to develop case studies from across its European operations that spoke to the brand’s leadership in video surveillance and demonstrated how AI can deliver new insight from video cameras.    

The Approach

tUsing the same rigorous approach adopted by journalists working on a story, we managed every stage of the case study process, making it as easy as possible for the end user and salespeople across Europe to share sales leads for us to develop into stories for the press and the website, and videos for social media.

Working to an extensive pipeline of stories we researched and drafted each one following close liaison with the end user, the installer and any technology partners, ensuring that all approvals were obtained prior to sourcing picures and promoting each story in the media. 


The Result

We produced ten case studies drawn from across Europe in a little over ten months. The story above addressed the use of Hanwha Vision’s AI cameras on the Superpedemontana Veneto highway in Italy and was promoted in the press. It was also reformatted as a video for use across social media.