thermo fisher scientific

Creating engaging content to demonstrate expertise

The Challenge

With healthcare systems around the world working at maximum capacity at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Microbiology Division at Thermo Fisher Scientific wanted to show how it was fully committed to meeting customer needs across the healthcare and scientific testing community and that it understood the challenges that stretched professionals faced.

The Approach

Working closely with Thermo Fisher’s subject matter experts, the Henley Group’s content team developed a five-stage content marketing campaign built around engaging and informative eBooks that addressed issues such as keeping scientific testing supply chains open and managing changes in antibiotic use in the bid to address SARS-CoV-2. Each eBook was posted to the website, supported with blogs and augmented by a brief video shared on LinkedIn. Working to tight deadlines, each theme was sequenced for promotion over the course of many months to fit commercial imperatives.

The Result

The campaign generated a large amount of high-quality content that not only served to demonstrate Thermo Fisher expertise but supported a planned extension of the range of support materials to be hosted on the website. This served to reward visitors hungry for engaging and educational content at a time when traditional routes of learning, such as seminars and industry events were closed off.